The periodontal treatment that kills bacteria deep in the pockets

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Choosing an effective at-home perio treatment for your patients is crucial. DenMat’s Perio Restore® system includes a customized tray designed to gently push a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide cleansing gel deep into each periodontal pocket, allowing a deeper reach than other non-invasive treatments.

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With more than 86,000 dentist customers and its products available around the world, DenMat has become synonymous with innovation, creativity and quality.

Perio Restore

A homecare treatment for periodontal disease


100% of Patients Reviewed Showed Significant Pocket Reduction Using 1.7% Hydrogen Peroxide and a Customized Tray

10 patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease demonstrate the positive effect of low dosage hydrogen peroxide used with fabricated trays to reduce pocket depth.1

Measurement of probing pocket depth (PPD) in patients reviewed showed that:

  • >=4mm saw an average reduction of 1.2mm in pocket depth
  • <=3mm saw an average reduction of 0.3mm in pocket depth

Patient data courtesy of Dr. David Ouellet,
Pacific Coast Smiles, Santa Maria, CA

These results demonstrate the efficacy of Perio Restore for patients suffering from periodontal disease while not harming those with healthy gingiva, making it an ideal solution for prevention and maintenance.

1. Patients measured started tray therapy in conjunction with SRP. Perio Restore gels and trays do not replace SRP nor does DenMat recommend only using hydrogen peroxide gel and trays as a standalone treatment. All patient improvements were measured by reduction of pocket depth on sites of 4mm and greater. Results are measured at time of recall appointment based on full mouth treatments.

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